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You can complete your rental contract in person or online.

If you choose to complete your contract in person, we highly recommend you call us first on 961 127 388 so that we offer you personalized and quick assistance. Once you have contacted us, a sales representative will call you to arrange an appointment and, from that moment on, the sales representative will guide you through the procedure until you find your new home sweet home.


But remember that you can also complete your contract through the website, quickly, securely and without intermediaries.


Conditions Applicable to Online Contracts

This website and its domain,, are the property of Anticipa Real Estate, SLU, B86963303, owner of the real estate offered on the website.


1.Contract Procedure

To complete a contract through the website follow the simple steps that we will show you during the whole contract procedure, from your registration on the website to the signing of the contract and then the key handover.


Once you create your account successfully, you can continue your search for the ideal home. If you become a “LOVER” you can reserve your home online and rent it, resting assured that it will not be taken away.


Before you can become a “LOVER”, we will need some information about you. As a first step, you will create your profile and, from it, we can offer you homes that match your interests. The more complete your profile is, the more benefits and recommendations you can get.


These first details provided will take you to the “ACQUAINTANCES” level, or you can provide more details about yourself (financial and employment information to make you more personalized offers suited to your budget) to go to the next level, “FRIENDS”.


In the “FRIENDS” phase, we will ask you to upload both sides of your current ID, and you can invite other people who will be part of the contract. The invitation will come from Alquilovers but we will not register any email address until your friend (or friends), voluntarily choose to register on the web.


After the “FRIENDS” phase, you will become an “ADMIRER”. In this phase, you can arrange visits, all that is required is that the rent is the same as or lower than the figure that has been verified for your home area. You can choose the date and time of the visit you like.


When you become a “LOVER”, you can reserve your home online without any cost and even rent it online. If you make the reservation, your home will be available just for you for 5 days.


Before renting, you can see a draft version of your contract. If you want to proceed and rent it, once you pay, the final contract will be generated, which must be digitally signed.


Finally, you will receive an email with the signed contract. Also, you will be able to choose the date and place where you would like to receive the keys of your new home. On the chosen day, all the parties involved in the contract must be present and provide their current ID so that we can be sure that you are the people who have completed the entire rental process and that your identity has not been stolen.


Throughout the contract procedure you will find all the details to go from one phase to the next, easily and step by step.


If at any time you want to correct errors in the data or documents provided, you can do it through your user profile.


In addition, through your user profile you can revoke consent granted to receive advertising and surveys.


2. Online Contract Signing and Payment:

The contract signing will be done digitally, and through a trustworthy third party that meets high technical and security standards.

The guarantee and/or bond are paid by credit card through a secure payment platform. Your credit card information is not stored on our servers. The payment of the monthly rent will always be by direct debit in the previously validated bank account.


3.Receipt of Documentation

After signing, you will receive the contract via email, in PDF format.

You can print it or save it in your computer. Also, it will always be available on the “Tenant portal”, where you can register to manage your rental contract directly and easily.

The contract will be provided in English.

The rental conditions are available in four languages: English, Catalan, Spanish and French, accessible via our website.


4.Law Applicable to the Contract

Like any other rental contract, this remotely executed contract is covered under the Urban Rental Act (LAU, in its Spanish initials: Law 29/1994 of November 24, available at: and its implementing regulations.


5.Right of Withdrawal Applicable to Online Contracts

The Tenant may withdraw from the rental contract, once at least six months have elapsed, provided that he/she gives notice to the Landlord at least thirty days in advance of the expiry date. The parties may agree in the contract that, in the event of withdrawal, the Tenant must compensate the Landlord with an amount equivalent to one month's rent in for each remaining year of the contract. Periods of less than 1 year will entail deduction by the Landlord from the deposit of a proportional part of the compensation.


Any withdrawal rights provided in other regulations than the one established in the Urban Rental Act, referred to in the previous paragraph, shall not apply.


6. Contract Duration and Termination Conditions

As established in Articles 9 and 10 of Law 29/1994, of November 24 on Urban Rentals, the duration of the rental will be freely agreed by the parties.

If this is less than seven years, the contract shall be renewed annually on its expiry date until the rental reaches a minimum of seven years, unless the Tenant informs the Landlord, at least thirty days in advance of the date of termination of the contract or any of extension thereof, of his or her intention not to renew it.


7. Claims related to the Contract

Once you are a Tenant you will have at your disposal the Tenant Portal, where you will find a communication channel for complaints and claims.

The Tenant Portal is an application that you can access by registering and from which you can manage any questions related to your contract, from your user area.


Conditions Applicable to all Contracts (Online or In Person)

Which documentation must I provide?

If you decide to rent a property in Alquilovers, you need to provide the documentation specified below in order to sign the contract. In the contract you will find a clause with all the information about the use we make of your personal data. Before signing, make sure you have read and understood it.


-DNI/NIE/Passport: you can take the official document. The identification document must be valid (i.e. not expired)!

-Family Book: if you do not have a sworn statement, we want to know who is related to you.

- Statement of earnings.

- Employment Record and Employment Contract always in the case of temporary contracts or contracts of less than 2 years.

- Last 3 pay slips.

- Bank statement of the last 3 months showing the full name of the applicant.


If you are one of the future tenants, you must also provide:

According to your employment relationship:

- Documentation to be provided

Indefinite contract

- Last 3 pay slips

- Employment Contract (if you have less than one year of service)

Temporary contract

- Last 3 pay slips

- Employment Record

Self-employed persons

- Annual Income Statement (Form 100)

- Income Tax / VAT Statement (The last 4 quarters)

- Self-employed social security contribution Proof of Payment

- Employment Record


- Pension Certificate


- Certificate of Unemployment


Which incomes are taken into account when making the scoring*?

All salaries and incomes of all members under the age of 70 will be counted as income of the family unit.


Can I rent if I have a debt?

The debts that have been disclosed to ASNEF, or to any other credit blacklist, must be less than €300** to be able to rent with us.


If I am self-employed, are there any special conditions?

If you are self-employed, you must have been trading for more than 1 year. But if you have been in business for less than 1 year and can demonstrate financial solvency... we will thoroughly review the case!


If I have a temporary contract, are there any special conditions?

If your contract is longer than one year, a corrective percentage of 90% of the income will be applied.
If the contract is less than that, a corrective percentage of 75% of the income will be applied.
If the contract does not exceed 3 months, we will not be able to factor in that income when making the scoring; sorry.


If I am unemployed, are there any special conditions?

It will depend on how long you are expected to receive unemployment benefit.


Do I need to provide any additional kind of guarantee?

In addition to the deposit, a guarantee of 2 months of the rental price will be requested, in order to insure the Landlord of the Tenant's compliance with his or her rental obligations.


*Scoring: Scoring is a system of automatic evaluation of requests for credit operations, such as consumer loans, mortgages or lease concessions.

**Telephone debts must be less than €600.